MSP-200 Light-Weight Sheet Music Holder | 9.5 x 12"- Elastic strays Choir Folder with Hand Strap for Musician



    • Introduce Our latest Model MSP-200 New Improved Design Music Folio Folder -Feature Both Size Soft padded Vegan leather and Thicker Insert board. Overall structure are Stronger and more Durable.
    • Product Size: 9.5" W x 12" H x 2" D, Spine Thickness 2".
    •  9 Elastic Strays ( vs only 5 strays of conventional design) MSP200 capable to hold more music sheet . MSP 200 is about is same size as our MS-P210 and 50 grams lighter in weight.
    • 1) Choir Folder: 110° Opening for One Hand holding position
    • 2) 180° flat opening for use as a music/ piano folder - Feature: Detachable Internal retention strap with two adjustable snap setting
    • Features classic metal corners for protection and durability purchase
    • Special design handle- fine tuned for up-right hand held position during a music performance